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Drei Jahre nachdem Ex-FBI-Agent Will Graham bei der Jagd auf den Serienmörder Hannibal Lecter fast seine Frau verloren hätte, holt ihn die Vergangenheit wieder ein. Der Fall eines Killers, der bei Vollmond regelmäßig komplette Familien auslöscht. Red Dragon ist: Originaltitel von Roter Drache, ein Roman von Thomas Harris; Originaltitel der Verfilmung des Romans von Brett Ratner mit Anthony Hopkins. Roter Drache ist ein US-amerikanischer Thriller aus dem Jahr Die Literaturverfilmung Der Roman zum Film (Originaltitel: Red Dragon). Deutsch von. von mehr als Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "Red Dragon". Red Dragon Darts.

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Der größte Online Shop im bereich von Darts mit einem beeindruckendem Angebot von Markenprodukten wie z.b Red Dragon Steel Dart Sets. Das Set kommt mit schwarzen Red Dragon Nitrotech Shafts und Red Dragon Hardcore Flights. Verpackungsdesign kann abweichen! Abmessungen. Highlights. Dragon Blood produced by Red Dragon; Fruchtiger Waldbeeren-Mix mit dem gewissen Etwas; Geschmack: sehr fruchtig, Beeren, leichte Teenote.

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Mengenrabatt sortenfrei - Preisanzeige im Warenkorb. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Kostenloser Versand. Squid Industries. Ihre Einstellungen werden gespeichert. Das Haus explodiert in einem Feuerball vor ihren Augen. Lecter wird nach seiner Genesung verurteilt und in eine psychiatrische Anstalt gebracht. Highlights. Dragon Blood produced by Red Dragon; Fruchtiger Waldbeeren-Mix mit dem gewissen Etwas; Geschmack: sehr fruchtig, Beeren, leichte Teenote. Der größte Online Shop im bereich von Darts mit einem beeindruckendem Angebot von Markenprodukten wie z.b Red Dragon Steel Dart Sets. Das Set kommt mit schwarzen Red Dragon Nitrotech Shafts und Red Dragon Hardcore Flights. Verpackungsdesign kann abweichen! Abmessungen.

Start a Wiki. RSC RS. Please add tips to the subpage, rather than the article below. Categories :.

Universal Conquest Wiki. This article has a money making guide here. Red dragonhide. Mithril 2h sword. Mithril javelin. Mithril kiteshield.

Adamant platebody. Mithril battleaxe. Rune longsword. Grimy guam leaf. Grimy marrentill. Grimy tarromin. The dragon became much less cautious during this time and much more likely to underestimate their foes.

A red dragon would go to extreme lengths to ensure that they were superior to every other red dragon in the area. They would often burn down only half a village or let a single adventurer flee from a battle so that word of their power spread throughout the region.

Not only would this anger other red dragons but it was also like a shining beacon to adventurers and treasure hunters. Red dragons despised weakness among their own kind.

If one ever found out that another of their kin demonstrated any signs of fragility, either by getting badly wounded or if they were becoming senile in old age, then local red dragons would descend on the lair, stripping it clean and usually killing the owner.

They believed that if a red dragon could not protect what it had, then it did not deserve it to begin with. Reds were also highly territorial.

Entering an area a red considered its domain was just asking to be attacked, especially if it was another dragon entering the area even more so if it was a red dragon.

Conflict was inevitable if this were the case and it was almost always to the death as neither would dare show weakness to the other.

Thankfully, most other species were smart enough to flee if they realized the area belonged to a red dragon. Red dragons could get so territorial that in rare occasions they would adopt a protective yet patronizing attitude towards creatures they considered inferior that lived within their self-imposed borders.

Red dragons hated any authority other than their own. They never asked elders for advice, even if doing so would save their lives as to them, admitting they needed something their elders had was the same as putting themselves under their authority.

Red dragons expelled an extremely devastating cone of fire. Red dragons prefer to fight with their physical bite and claws, but they might barbecue obviously powerful or numerous foes before bloodletting with glee.

The dragons would also prefer not to use their breath on particularly weak enemies so as to not destroy the valuable treasure they carry.

Some red dragons have been spotted as far south as the Sunset Mountains , or even Tethyr , [13] though they generally avoided any rangers near "civilized" lands.

Red dragons loved to make their lairs in deep, underground caves in mountainous regions. Many preferred to dwell in volcanoes, where the intense heat kept others at bay.

Almost all red dragons simply required a high perch. The higher the better as they believed that their domain encompassed all that they could see.

Young red dragons, especially wyrmlings were easy prey for predators and hunters due to their bright, glossy scarlet scales, so they tended to stay underground in the darkness until they felt that they could defend themselves properly.

Many red dragons were known to worship the deities bane , garyx , loviatar , and malar. Mating was initiated by the female every century or so when she felt the urge to have children.

She looked for the nearest red dragon with the most wealth and power. As such, males never denied their advances. It was a sign of prestige among other males to be requested to mate.

After mating, the male then abandoned her while she hatched her eggs. She jealously guarded the clutch, occasionally with the assistance of an infertile female, but rarely laid down her own life for her hatchlings.

Once her young reached the young adult stage of development, or sometimes earlier, the mother's natural instincts overruled her maternal ones and she forced all of her young from her territory.

Red dragons hated silver dragons with a passion as their familiarity with the element of cold and other natural powers often made red dragons appear weak in battle with them.

They also commonly came into conflict with copper dragons for territory rights, though copper dragons rarely won out against the more powerful red dragons in open conflict.

It has since developed a cult following. After Harris wrote a sequel to the novel, The Silence of the Lambs , itself turned into a highly successful film in , Red Dragon found a new readership.

A second sequel, Hannibal , was published in and adapted into a film in Due to the success of the second and third films, Red Dragon was remade as a film directed by Brett Ratner in , this time bearing the title of the original novel and with Hopkins playing Lecter.

Elements of the novel also influenced the NBC television series Hannibal , while the plot was adapted as the second half of the series' third season.

However, Graham suffered serious injuries from the encounter and retired afterwards. Four years later in , a serial killer nicknamed "The Tooth Fairy" stalks and murders seemingly random families during sequential full moons.

Two days after the Leeds murders, agent Jack Crawford , Graham's mentor, goes to Graham's Marathon, Florida residence and pleads for his assistance; Graham reluctantly agrees.

After looking over the crime scenes with only minimal insight, Graham realizes he must visit Lecter and seek his help to capture "The Tooth Fairy.

Louis film processing firm named Francis Dolarhyde. Dolarhyde is unable to control his violent, sexual urges, and believes that murdering people—or "changing" them, as he calls it—allows him to more fully "become" an alternate personality he calls the "Great Red Dragon", after the dominant character in Blake's painting.

Flashbacks reveal that his sociopathy is born from the systematic abuse he suffered as a child at the hands of both his sadistic grandmother and his stepfamily.

As Graham investigates the case, he is hounded by Freddy Lounds , a sleazy tabloid reporter. Meanwhile, Lecter's de facto jailer, Frederick Chilton , discovers Lecter's secret correspondence, with which Lecter gives Graham's address to Dolarhyde.

Graham's wife, Molly, and his stepson are evacuated. Graham tries to intercept the secret communication without Lecter's knowledge, but instead attracts the attention of Lounds.

Lounds becomes aware of the correspondence and tries to trick Graham into revealing details of the investigation by posing as the Red Dragon, but is found out.

Hoping to lure the Red Dragon into a trap, Graham gives Lounds an interview in which he deliberately mischaracterizes the killer as an impotent homosexual.

This infuriates Dolarhyde, who kidnaps Lounds, forces him to recant the allegations, bites off his lips and sets him on fire, leaving his maimed body outside his newspaper's offices.

Lounds is taken to the hospital, but dies from his injuries soon afterward. At about the same time, Dolarhyde falls in love with a blind co-worker named Reba McClane, which conflicts with his homicidal urges.

In beginning a relationship with Reba, Dolarhyde resists the Dragon's "possession" of him; he goes to the Brooklyn Museum , beats a museum secretary unconscious, and eats the original Blake watercolor of The Red Dragon.

Graham eventually realizes that the killer knew the layout of his victims' houses from their home movies, which were developed at the same film processing lab.

Dolarhyde's job gives him access to all home movies that pass through the company. When he sees Graham interviewing his boss, Dolarhyde realizes that they are on to him and goes to see Reba one last time.

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